Apr 20

Coronado Island Tour with the Kids

Setting off from Loreto Bay

Just a few pictures of last weekends outing. binomo app download pc Alex pretty much gave a full rundown on the action, but I wanted to fill out her account with some of the gorgeous photos from that trip.

Apr 15

Boats aren’t always slow and boring


  4/14/12 at 8:40 or so the whole family left our rented house in Loreto Bay. We all got into an Arturo’s motorboat. Sam was very excited we were going on a boat she though it was amazing. The whole family of course had to wear life jackets, Sam had the cutest life jacket if I may …

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Apr 14

Wrapping up Ensenada


Boy have I been slacking. I’vehttp://www.binomo-co.in/download totally been enjoying myself and not updating this blog. We’re actually having a wonderful time in Loreto now, but I never did post the last of the Ensenada pictures. One of the most interesting things, especially for the kids, was the accessibility of the local wildlife. Coming from the …

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Mar 28

Anyone Can Travel…Just Find Your Way

Thorin and I dreamed of traveling our entire lives.  We each grew up dreaming of far off places and imagining ourselves living in and experiencing all the wonderful and mysterious locales we read about. After we found one another and created our life together those dreams didn’t go away, but they did slip down the …

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Mar 03



One of the highlights of being near Ensenada has been going to an event likehttps://www.binomo-co.in/download Carnival. Though it probably doesn’t compare to some of the more elaborate celebrations found in other locations, it was a really nice weekend diversion for us. We ended up parking and camping out near the marina where they had erected …

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Feb 29



Kate and I were working on something recently when Alex came in and asked us if the Google Translator could tell her how to say something in Latin. Confused, but not surprised, we had a brief discussion with Alex about how Latin was a dead language and that she would need to find a different …

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Feb 26

First Days by the Ocean


Before I could even think about getting Montezuma’s Revenge, I was laid low by some mystery illness on our way to San Diego, so I’ve been totally not updating the blog. Well today that is going to change! Let me start off by saying that moving to a foreign country is a lot of fun …

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Feb 15

Loving Mexico!

I am loving Mexico so far. It’s been so fun splashing in the water. I wish it wasn’t so cold though. I can’t wait to go surfing. It will be so fun! The sound of the waves sounds so peaceful at night.The first of my five favorite things in Mexico is the soft beach sand. …

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Feb 15

Myths, NOT rules, of traveling with kids

Kids are amazingly adaptive to new experiences and are constantly absorbing the world around them with excitement, enthusiasm, and ceaseless learning. These skills help children understand travel is synonymous with adventure and opportunity for new and interesting activities – things adults often forget to enjoy! By traveling with my kids, I’ve been able to see …

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Jan 24

My first concert

On Thursday 12, 2012 I had my first concert. It was fantastic. My concert was at the Glass Onion Cafe. I thought it was awesome. Everyone was so amazed at a 3rd grader making her own song and singing it. The time flew so fast that I wish I had had more songs.   You …

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