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  3. I feel like I’m jumping and crashing into a new life! — January 5, 2012

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Loving Mexico!

I am loving Mexico so far. It’s been so fun splashing in the water. I wish it wasn’t so cold though. I can’t wait to go surfing. It will be so fun! The sound of the waves sounds so peaceful at night.The first of my five favorite things in Mexico is the soft beach sand. …

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My first concert

On Thursday 12, 2012 I had my first concert. It was fantastic. My concert was at the Glass Onion Cafe. I thought it was awesome. Everyone was so amazed at a 3rd grader making her own song and singing it. The time flew so fast that I wish I had had more songs.   You …

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I feel like I’m jumping and crashing into a new life!

I feel really stressed and confused about moving. With not long before I have to start packing, I feel like I’m trying to focus on too much. My friends really don’t want me to leave and they keep asking me not to. My mom has to get me withdrawn from school. I think that if …

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