Here we go!

Well, we’ve finally done it! After 5 years of dreaming, 1 year of plan-changing discussions, and 4 months of real action, we are on the move!  If you’ve gotten here and read our About Us page, you’ll already know that we are a family of 4 with two adorable children moving to follow our dreams and base our lives on shared experiences beyond our favorite Disney shows.

First up, Baja Mexico. Why Baja you ask?  Loads of reasons!  And, we’ll share them all with you, but for now, no matter how cliche, the destination is not nearly so important as the journey. Our Mexican journey is starting with a highly condensed timeline as we will complete this relocation in just 39 days from decision to arrival in our new life.

So, for now, we are relishing the excitement, cherishing the simple things we love about Arizona, and trying like mad to complete a checklist to get us from here to Punta Banda, Baja California, Mexico with 27 days to go – wahoo!